Slippery, Slippery

Brown University Literary Art Short Play Bake-Off

1W, 1M, 1E, 10-15 minutes. 

When Daffofil's man is sent off to the slammer, she's left with an empty house, an escape plan involving soap, and a neighbor with the best and most persistent of intentions.  Between Rocky H's convictions and Daffofil's doubts about convicts, what seemed so clear becomes slippery, slippery indeed.  Involves song, soap, and chase scenes. 

Slippery, Slippery was selected for the The 2009 Brown University Literary Art Department's Short Play Bake-Off

It was directed by Jessica Goldschmidt.


Daffofil               Hollis Mickey

Soap                  Jing Xu

Rocky H             Simon van Zuylen-Wood