The Louboutin 


2W, 10 minutes

"Create a human emergency and no one notices the money missing." 

And that's how Phene runs all her heists. But The Louboutin is a big one and it's up to Lil to make sure it all goes to spec. The Louboutin is a bank robbery where we watch our two female protagonists run their heist, shop for shoes, and ultimately meet. In five quick scenes played in reverse, The Louboutin asks what one would do for love, money, and killer heels. 

The Louboutin had it's New York Premier at plumage.'s 5-10: Still Winter, at The Alchemical on March 9, 2014. 

It was directed by Eric Powell Holm. 


Lil       Irene Rivera

Phene       Rachel Lin