The Urnest Speaks

Production Workshop's 3 Chairs 2 Cubes

2F, 3M, 1Voiceover, 15-20 Minutes

It’s funeral time. When Fran goes to her grandfather’s funeral she comes across more than just mourners in all black. Reuniting with an old friend, they make a pact as her parents come to terms with the loss of Fran’s grandfather and much more. 

The Urnest Speaks was slected as part of 3 Chairs, 2 Cubes, Production Workshop’s Undergraduate New Play Festival.  It was produced in the Fall of 2009 by Production Workshop in The Downspace, Providence, RI.  

It was directed by Rebecca Title


Fran                          Gillian Brassil

Dad/The Urnest       Jared Bellot

Mum                         Emma Brown  

Liam                          Lee Dallas  

Walt                          Arune Gulati