Private lessons are an excellent way for skaters to further develop their skating. 

With one-on-one instruction and individualized feedback, skaters often begin private lessons when they decide they truly want to commit and advance in their skating. Along with improving one's skill on the ice, lessons can be geared towards creating a skating program, preparing for a competition or skating test, or finally mastering a specific element. They are an essential part of any advanced skater's training, and lead to a deeper understanding of movement and figure skating. 

No matter one's age or level, private lessons are a fantastic way to further learn and grow.

If you're interested in improving your skating or have any questions, feel free to Contact Daria. 


Daria is currently available by appointment at the following rinks:

Please Note: 

  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or full price will be charged.

  • Lessons will not be extended due to lateness. Full price will be charged. 

  • Skaters must pay rink admission and skate rental to the rink prior to the start of lesson.