We are Samurai Opens at Venus to Rave Reviews!


We are Samurai has opened at Venus Theater in Laurel, MD. 

Here's what the critics are saying:

The experience is incredible; unlike anything you will experience this season anywhere in Washington. -Amanda Gunther, Theatre Bloom

If it sounds like an Ionesco SUSHI roll stuffed with Kafka and sprinkled with patchouli oil, you’re in the ballpark. The chaos of We Are Samuraiis belied by the tight, well-rehearsed performances of the cast. Director Deborah Randall extracts sincere feelings of love, jealousy, rage, and grief from underneath the stylized staging. - Michael Poandl, DC Metro Theatre Arts 

Between moving among the scenes and the inquisitiveness that the mystery requires, We Are Samurai is not for audience members who want to be ensconced in darkness and enveloped by the play's plot. This play is for gamers, choose-your-own-adventure enthusiasts, and people who never stopped poking things with a stick when they were children. -Alan Katz, Broadway World

But there are fractals of meaning scattered throughout. An eye for an eye and whatnot. How flimsy justifications can provoke rash, unusual actions. INDEED, the meaning loops back around on the experience itself—how a person’s choice of what to witness actually shapes the play she sees. -Jennifer Clements, 

If you're anywhere near Laurel, DC friends, I'm looking at you! Go check it out!
You can buy your tickets here