The Sonnets Project at UT

Director Graham Schmidt asked me to step on to be Playwright-in-the-Room for the devised piece, "The Sonnets Project."

“The Sonnets Project” is an immersive, site-specific storytelling experience that invites audiences to consider, “If you had a chance to make a statement as you crossed over into the next life, what would you say?” Infused with music, dance, physical theater, and tons of love, “Sonnets” takes as its springboard the life of Wendy Johnson, a character from Jose Rivera’s play, "Sonnets for an Old Century." This is a performance about what we hold on to, and what we are able to leave behind, in an imagined waiting room between this life and the next. 

The Sonnets Project ran from November 16-18th, 2016 at The University of Texas at Austin. 

Director: Graham Schmidt
Playwright-in-the-Room: Daria Miyeko Marinelli
Scenic Designer: Iman Corbani
Lighting Designer: Alex Hanna
Costume Designer: Lirit Pendell

Ensemble: Miles, Agee, Jacob Basquez, Darlesia Carter, Jose Alejandro Figureoa, Oluwaseun Samuel Olayiwola, Elise Peterson, Tori Robertson, Hunter Sturgis, Oktavea Williams