Untameable Nominated for an NYIT Award

Untameable was nominated for a NYIT Award for Outstanding Choreography and Movement. 


Here's an excerpt from an interview that Nikita, Ian, and I did: 


What was your favorite part of working on this production?

Ian: My favorite of working on Untameable was the process of translating Daria's words into movement. Due to the enormity of the script and the many different pieces required to make it happen, the rest of the scenes that occurred outside of the vignettes between the Lady Queen and the Boy Prince were highly structured and needed to be as such to work effectively. Our moments were so flexible and fluid. It was very freeing.

Nikita: My favorite part of working on this production was interacting with the audience. Particularly as an immersive show, every evening was extremely different based on the audience's energy. I was able to feed off of their responses, as well as off of the work of my dance/devising partner, Ian Stewart every night. Often Ian and I had to work around bodies in our playing space so while we had structure, the moments of improvisation were thrilling.

Daria: The people. We assembled a smart, ambitious, passionate, talented beyond talented team. It was a dream.

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