This Week in Theatre: Readings, Seeings, Devisings.

Read: Lucas Hnath's Death Taxes. February 9, 2015. Saying Yes Changes the Play. 

Devised! More: Great things happening. Landings. Arrivals. And we ourselves, landing. February 8, 2015. 

Read: Idris Goodwin's How We Got On. There will be mistakes. Don't forget the joy. February 2, 2015. 

Saw: Ria T. DiLullo's Grief Lines, at a Marrow's Edge Salon. January 31, 2015. 

Attended: New York Stage and Film's 2015 Kick-Off. Great people, great conversation. How to rebrand so people find you. January 29, 2015. 

Read: Courtney Baron's Eat Your Heart Out. "Take an L." January 26, 2015. 

Saw: RCDS's Festival Choir Concert. The Power of Unified Voice. January 25, 2015. 

This Whatever in Theater: Birdman, Boleros, Iphis.

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It's been awhile. Holidays. New Years. Whatever it was: We're back. 

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Saw: Elise LeBreton's Myth of Iphis at The Brick. December 12-13th. "Myths are public dreams, and dreams are private myths."

Saw: Birdman. December 3, 2015. All the thoughts. Just, go see it. 

Read: Jose Rivera's Boleros for the Disenchanted. December 2014- January 2015. Telling stories of the after after ever after, and the land on the other side. Spoiler Alert: Disenchantment. 

This Week in Theater: Dance, Music, Dates, Grief.

What a full week. 

Saw: Old Music, New Art. November 13, 2014. Music as a search for resolution. 

Saw: Sadeh 21 at BAM. November 13, 2014. The heartbreak of falling off walls. 

Produced/Wrote: After You, part of plumage.'s 5-10: Loving & Leaving. A night of small fast theater. What fun. November 17, 2014. 


Read: Ria T. DiLullo's Grief Lines. November 18, 2014. A play as eulogy.

This Week in Theater: FatherComesHome, LipsTeeth, StrangeAttractors.

What a great week in theater. 

Saw: Suzan Lori Park's Father Comes Home From the Wars, at The Public. Start with a bet. Keep it dangerous. October 25, 2014. 

Saw: Terrence McNally's Lips Together, Teeth Apart, at Second Stage Theatre. The pool that no one can touch. October 27, 2014. 

Read: David Adjmi's Strange Attractors. Keep it quirky. October 27, 2014. 

This Week in Theater: Torched, Foreigners, Shores, Willing.

Here's to Many Things in Many Places. 

Fragile Shore.jpg

Saw:  Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro's Torched at TADA! October 11, 2014. Matches out like a wizard. 


Saw: Caridad Svitch's Upon the Fragile Shore. At New Dramatists. October 16, 2014. Tell foreign stories. 

Read: Amy Herzog's Willing. October 20th, 2014. Puns, ambiguity, and magical solutions. 

This Week in Theater: Tango, Dante, Horror, and Sisters.


This Week in Theater: 

Tango Nuevo at Triangulo. September 18th. Always good to dance. 

Elijah Guo's Beatrice at Marrow's Edge Salon Series. September 21. Wrapping up MEWG. 

Annie Baker's Circle Mirror Transformation. September 22. Everyone relates to everyone. 

The Cutthroat Series at The Flea. September 24. Light a match. 

Highly Impractical Theatre's Three Sisters. September 25. "It's going to rain today." 


This Week in Theater: Melancholy Play, Map of Virtue, First Draft of The Wolves, SexyPreppyTall, We Are Samurai Opens!


August 20th: Read Map of Virtue By Erin Courtney. Forward and backwards through the vices. 


August 22nd: Read Melancholy Play by Sarah Ruhl. Almonds.


August 24th: Closed Read of The Wolves, First Draft. Huge Thanks to Rachel and Matthew! Nothing like hearing strange phrasings and a play slowly being built. 


September 7th: Read PreppySexyTall by Brett Epstein. How much of who we've date is a ghost of who we dated before? And any play that has all descriptors of past Boys- I'm pumped. 

This Week in Theater: Daredevil, Young Artists, Noguchi, Mexican Ghosts

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An Active Week: 

Saw: Urban Youth Theater's Final Show at Abron Arts Center. Developed by Jing Xu and her amazing students. August 14, 2014. Always jump from Mozarts 5th to Pharell's Happy. 

Saw: Daredevil. By Gary Winter. At the Brick. August 14, 2014. Making Mountains from Men. 

Partcipated in: Mindful Writing at the Noguchi Museum, Hosted by Mission to Ditmars. August 17, 2014. "This isn't a Noguchi, it's a rock formation." 

Saw: Asi van los fantasmas de México. By Matthew Paul Olmos. Directed by Estefanía Fadul. August 17, 2014. Making headless men. 

This Week in Theater: Apollo, Angels, Infallibility, Magic Kingdom, and more


A Full Week: 

Saw: Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater. August 6, 2014. Bravery and 10-year olds singing their heart out. 

Read: Angels in America with MERG. August 7, 2014. Crunchy leaves of a fall-like death. 

Saw: #Serials at The Flea. August 7, 2014. The satisfying-ness of anime and comic book style stories. 

Read: Infallibility by Matt Barbot. August 10, 2014. Plant the trick early. 

Read: We're Gonna Die by Young Jean Lee. August 10, 2014. Make it a song. 

Saw: Magic Kingdom by Cory Conley. August 10, 2014. Truth from the mouths of babes. 


Here's to disney, honest story-telling, true singing, short format, and plays from childhood. 

This Week in Theater: Singles in Ag, Zero Hour, Snowpiercer, i wrote on ur wall


A totally full cultural week: 

Heard: Singles in Agriculture, by Abby Rosebrock. MERG Salon Series. July 28th, 2014. The power of song. 

Read: The Zero Hero, by Madeline George. In 13P. Tuesday, July 29th. Nazis on the 7 train. 

Saw: Snowpiercer. In theaters. July 30, 2014. Grit and unmitigated violence. 

Saw: i wrote on yur wall and now i regret it, by Ming Peiffer. July 31, 2014. 

Here's to: the power of song and unrelentingly trying, Nazis on the 7 train, grit and matches, and the internets. 


Read: God of Carnage


Read God of Carnage with MERG. 

Great people, reading. Moral of the story: Don't have kids. Or, we become our kids? (So, don't have kids.) 

Read: American Treasure


Read: Julia Jarcho's American Treasure. 

"A middle sized human skin has 2 billion 15 million holes in it. The aim is not to make too many more."