This Week in Theater: Tango, Dante, Horror, and Sisters.


This Week in Theater: 

Tango Nuevo at Triangulo. September 18th. Always good to dance. 

Elijah Guo's Beatrice at Marrow's Edge Salon Series. September 21. Wrapping up MEWG. 

Annie Baker's Circle Mirror Transformation. September 22. Everyone relates to everyone. 

The Cutthroat Series at The Flea. September 24. Light a match. 

Highly Impractical Theatre's Three Sisters. September 25. "It's going to rain today." 


This Week in Theater: Melancholy Play, Map of Virtue, First Draft of The Wolves, SexyPreppyTall, We Are Samurai Opens!


August 20th: Read Map of Virtue By Erin Courtney. Forward and backwards through the vices. 


August 22nd: Read Melancholy Play by Sarah Ruhl. Almonds.


August 24th: Closed Read of The Wolves, First Draft. Huge Thanks to Rachel and Matthew! Nothing like hearing strange phrasings and a play slowly being built. 


September 7th: Read PreppySexyTall by Brett Epstein. How much of who we've date is a ghost of who we dated before? And any play that has all descriptors of past Boys- I'm pumped. 

Come May Soirée!


You're invited! 

Come join us on: 

May 11th, 2014


33 West End Ave, NYC


Classy Cocktails. Summer Beer. Killer Views of Manhattan. Outdoor Afternoon Festivities. Sneak Peeks of Hot New Plays. Our May Soiree. 

$15 donation at the door to help support our 2014 Season. 

We can't wait to see you there. 

RSVP here

Untameable at 32 Laight


This Winter Marrow’s Edge is very excited to be presenting a series of Winter Readings as 2013 comes to a close: 

December 16th, 2013

Untameable, By Daria Miyeko Marinelli, Curated by Ria T. DiLullo

at 32 Laight 

Nel/Cass: Andi Morrow

Jym: Artem Kreimer

Samtam: Rachel M. Lin

Astrid: Miranda Poett

Cabel: Elizabeth Bays 

We are Samurai: Thank You


4 Samurai Actors. 1 Dynamite Director-Playwright-SM Combo. 8 Talented Designers. 12 Shows. 133rd Street Arts Center. 1 Outreach Show. 15 Students from The Equity Project. 7 Nights. Over 225 Tickets Sold. 99 Donors. $6490 Raised. 3 Exciting Reviews. A 4th of July Kick Off to Start. A Donor Brunch to Thank. A Cast-Crew Party to End. 

Thank You. We couldn’t have done this without you. 

You Are Samurai. We Are All Samurai. 

We are Samurai Outreach Show


We Are Samurai Outreach Show

On October 2nd, Marrow’s Edge was honored and thrilled to welcome The Equity Project (TEP) Charter School for an outreach show of We Are Samurai. For an action-packed hour, the 7th and 8th Graders from Mr. Corey Emerson’s Drama Club raced from space to space, meditated with Elias, mourned with Josephine, and plotted with Rocky and Regan. Their visit was part of The Equity Project’s extended day program, where all students select a teacher-led activity from 3:00-4:00 pm. Along with their after-school learning, field trips are an essential part of their growth and enrichment. 

Marrow’s Edge was very excited to welcome these 15 promising young women to the space to see the show and have a quick talk-back  discussion both pre and post show. Their energy, spirit, and enthusiasm was unparlleled and it was a great honor to offer our work to them. Of Elias, one student, Yuberly said, “I felt really connected to the super spiritual character. I felt like I could understand her.” The TEP student’s visit energized our team and helped us all remember what joy and exuberance can be found while seeing theater.

For more pictures, click here. 

We are Samurai Opens Today!


And we couldn’t be more excited. 

Get your ticket today! Shows are selling out fast. For real. 

Please note, if a show is sold out, we cannot guarantee admission if you show up sans ticket! Even if we really really like you. And this breaks our heart, but we want to make sure there’s enough space for everyone to enjoy the show. Without a ticket at a sold out show, we’ll put your name on the waiting list and if there unclaimed tickets, YES! But if not, we’ll all be SUPER SAD.  We want you to see the show and we want you to be happy- so buy your tickets in advance! 

Just do it. It takes a minute! And then you’re in. And we’re all happy.

We Did It!

Our campaign on USA Projects ended this weekend! 

All in all we raised: $6,665 Dollars. 


Our Donors Are: 

Mary Nishimura, Amy & Alan Starling · Paul & Mary Case, Adam DeGarmo, Mary & Robert Fortuna, Constance Haslett & Scott Nammacher, Amy & Richard Lipton, Lara London, Peter Marinelli, Mufalda & Philip Marinelli, Denise Womack · John & Judith Avitabile, Therese Avitabile, Marie Case & Peter DiLullo, Cary Fuller, Mark Haber & Chiyo Moriuchi, Donna & Matthew Hearle, Patricia & Bob Hunt, David Lynch, Dave & Sarah Marinelli, Mauro Marinelli, Louise Marin, Ted & Carol Matsumoto, Robert Mustacchi, Joseph Sands, Noah Stephens-Davidowitz, John & Laura Winkler · Jessica Case, Lucian Cohen, Eric DiLullo & Jenn Plakias, Lianna Lipton & Jonathan Spector, Sanjay Naik & Nandini Anandu, Stephen Nishimura, Bree Vetere & Tom Case, Charly Simpson, Danny Paolucci, Yu Mei Lin, Julie Stranberg, Marc Ortiz, Matt & Jessica Case, Monica Huang, Sandra & Julio Gomez, Scott Geller, Sofia Pellon, Victoria Fortuna & Hugo Alejandro Granja Flores, Linda Thompson Zumbach· Jessie Bear, Arik Beatty, Spencer Brody, Kelly Carroll, Ashley Cromwell, Lucy Curran, Orrin Getz, Susannah Gilbert, David Gluck, Caitlin Ho, Joyce Kanyuk, Karen Kohlhaas, Laura Lee, Emily Madoff & Barry Wohl, Katherine Nammacher, Piper Nilsson, Richard Pike, Elliot Quick, Eric Rudisaile, Claudia Sersanti, Ellen Shadburn, Sally Watkins, Rebecca Wohl, James Yeara,  Sarah Zanolli· Jacqueline Avitabile, Michael Braudy, Amos Budde, Sarah Cocuzzo, Brian Cross, Estefania Fadul, Laura Florescu,  Christian Germano, Aleksandr Golovnev, Brad Greenburg,  Samuel Kim, Stefanie Koenig, Mariagrazia LaFauci, Patricia Leo, Annie Levy, Alex Lubensky, Jubilith Moore, Michael Morgenstern, Celina Pedrosa, Nikhil Sharma, Robbie Thompson, Sara Wilf, Elizabeth Weisman, Sharon Zugg

You are all Samurai.

We’ll see you at the show.

Marrow's Edge Announcing We Are Samurai

July 5, 2013



Marrow’s Edge is a performance collective dedicated to creating new and exhilarating work. Founded by Ria T DiLullo (director) and Daria Miyeko Marinelli (playwright), we strive to create theatrical pieces that are deeply visceral and boundary pushing. 

Our pioneer project We are Samurai will be opening at the 133rd Street Arts Center in Fall of 2013. 


We are Fundraising!


The work has begun.

We’re aiming to raise $5,000 dollars by September 19th to cover the costs of space rental, sound and lighting equipment rental, materials for costumes, set, props, publicity, and to offer our artists a small honorarium. If you can support this project by donating $25 or $50 dollars, we’d be very grateful. Every contribution helps us get a little closer to bringing this play to life.  

We’re fundraising with USA Projects, an all or nothing platform, which means meaning that we either raise all of it or receive none of it! All donations are completely tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.  

Please click the link above to chip in. We thank you for your support.

Announcing We Are Samurai!


Marrow’s Edge is very excited to announce its pioneer production with We are Samurai, written by Daria Miyeko Marinelli and directed by Ria T. DiLullo. 

We Are Samurai is a suburban revenge tragedy about four twenty-somethings engaging in petty acts of violence in an effort to absolve a millennia-old offense. As the dramatic action unfolds simultaneously across four different playing spaces, it is up to the audience to choose what to witness.

After Josephine returns home to find her cats brutally murdered for a crime she committed in a past life, she enlists her boyfriend to help her avenge her cats’ deaths. What follows is a series of small, violent acts that are mundane and yet deeply tragic in their cyclical nature.Rooted in both contemporary suburbia and the historical traditions of Japanese Theatre, We Are Samurai uses cats, iPhones, and simultaneous action to explore age-old questions of agency and entitlement.

We Are Samurai runs from September 26-October 6, 2013 at the 133rd Street Arts Center, 308 W 133rd Street, West Harlem, New York.

Performances are Thursday and Friday at 7:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday at 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm.

Tickets: $18, audience size limited to 35. Buying in advance is highly recommended.

To buy tickets, please visit:

For More Information:

While great theater can be liberating, it is not free to produce. Please support us in our venture to create fresh exciting theater by donating here

Cast is:

Tess Avitabile as Josephine

Karen Eilbacher as Elias

Rachel Lin as Regan 

Sean Devare as Rocky 

Production Crew Includes: 

Director: Ria T. DiLullo

Playwright: Daria Miyeko Marinelli

Stage Manager: Sarah Haber

Technical Designer: Jonathan Huggins

Set Consultant: Artem Kreimer

Sound Designer: Paula DiLullo

Lighting Designer: Matt Bellas

Costume Designer: Matsy Stinton

Puppets and Mobiles: Andrew Murdock

Poster Design: Harrison Densmore

Graphic Designer: Kelly Carroll