This Week in Theater: Melancholy Play, Map of Virtue, First Draft of The Wolves, SexyPreppyTall, We Are Samurai Opens!


August 20th: Read Map of Virtue By Erin Courtney. Forward and backwards through the vices. 


August 22nd: Read Melancholy Play by Sarah Ruhl. Almonds.


August 24th: Closed Read of The Wolves, First Draft. Huge Thanks to Rachel and Matthew! Nothing like hearing strange phrasings and a play slowly being built. 


September 7th: Read PreppySexyTall by Brett Epstein. How much of who we've date is a ghost of who we dated before? And any play that has all descriptors of past Boys- I'm pumped. 

This Week in Theater: Apollo, Angels, Infallibility, Magic Kingdom, and more


A Full Week: 

Saw: Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater. August 6, 2014. Bravery and 10-year olds singing their heart out. 

Read: Angels in America with MERG. August 7, 2014. Crunchy leaves of a fall-like death. 

Saw: #Serials at The Flea. August 7, 2014. The satisfying-ness of anime and comic book style stories. 

Read: Infallibility by Matt Barbot. August 10, 2014. Plant the trick early. 

Read: We're Gonna Die by Young Jean Lee. August 10, 2014. Make it a song. 

Saw: Magic Kingdom by Cory Conley. August 10, 2014. Truth from the mouths of babes. 


Here's to disney, honest story-telling, true singing, short format, and plays from childhood. 

This Week in Theater: Singles in Ag, Zero Hour, Snowpiercer, i wrote on ur wall


A totally full cultural week: 

Heard: Singles in Agriculture, by Abby Rosebrock. MERG Salon Series. July 28th, 2014. The power of song. 

Read: The Zero Hero, by Madeline George. In 13P. Tuesday, July 29th. Nazis on the 7 train. 

Saw: Snowpiercer. In theaters. July 30, 2014. Grit and unmitigated violence. 

Saw: i wrote on yur wall and now i regret it, by Ming Peiffer. July 31, 2014. 

Here's to: the power of song and unrelentingly trying, Nazis on the 7 train, grit and matches, and the internets. 


Read: American Treasure


Read: Julia Jarcho's American Treasure. 

"A middle sized human skin has 2 billion 15 million holes in it. The aim is not to make too many more."