893 | Ya-ku-za

A Woman's Bid to Become The First

2F, 60mins

The way to make a person make a decision is to convince everyone around them / Maybe that's what I'm doing / I said win, Aya, not kill

Set over the course of a business lunch in a unknown Japanese restaurant somewhere in the United States, 893 | Ya-ku-za follows Aya's bid to become the first female member of the infamous Japanese crime syndicate. Exploring themes of ambition, power, and loyalty, 893 | Ya-ku-za asks what it means to be first and what we're willing to do to get there.

Workshop Production:   Generic Ensemble Company   |    Written and Developed At:  The University of Texas at Austin



An Immersive Diamond Heist

6F, 2M, 90mins

There are things more important than love / Name them / Diamonds

Pitting diamond heist against museum intrigue, Untameable follows the story of two young women, one trying to steal a jewel and the other trying to keep it safe. The work is an immersive romp between a criminal den and a modern museum; the audience navigates their own experience and much like the characters themselves, must decide between love and diamonds, honesty or victory.  Untameable is an investigation into what we will do to achieve our magnum opus and what gets lost in the winning. 


Co-Produced By:  The Unsoft War & Highly Impractical Theatre   |    With Development Support From:  Sanguine Theatre's Project Playwright • The Unsoft War's Reading Series • Marrow's Edge's Writers Group • Espacio Arevalo

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An Immersive Revenge Tragedy


3F, 1M, 60mins

After Josephine returns home to find her cats brutally murdered for a crime she committed in a past life, she enlists her boyfriend to help her avenge her cats’ deaths. What follows is a series of small, violent acts that are mundane and yet deeply tragic in their cyclical nature.  Rooted in both contemporary suburbia and the historical traditions of Japanese Theatre, We Are Samurai uses cats, iPhones, and simultaneous action to explore age-old questions of agency and entitlement.

 We Are Samurai is an immersive suburban revenge tragedy about four twenty-somethings engaging in petty acts of violence in an effort to absolve a millennia-old offense. As the piece unfolds simultaneously across four different playing spaces, it is up to the audience to choose what to witness.

Produced By:  Venus Theatre   •   Marrow's Edge   •   Brown University (Workshop Production, Dir. Erik Ehn)   |    Awarded:  Best Play in Professional Theaters by DC Metro Arts   |   Published In:  Fourth Wall Review


A Departure

A Love War Story

7 Total | 3F, 1M, 3E 

They say you are leaving / Yes

Do you even know what love is? / No but I know what it is not

Ume has fallen in love, again. This time, with a woman. In Japan. And what about her family in The States? Who is the woman she has become and who is the woman she thought she would be? Taking place on the eve of World War Two in both The United States and Japan, A Departure follows Ume as she negotiates her duties as daughter, mother, and lover in her decision between loyalty or love in the great war of her heart.

Developed with Support From:   The National New Play Network's MFA Playwrights Workshop at The Kennedy Center  •  SPACE on Ryder Farm  •  The University of Texas at Austin



A Play of Hunger and Survival

2, 1M 1F, 60mins

You don't understand how hungry I am / Trust me I do

Adri’s come home for her gun and Cian just wants to be left alone. And both of them know that without a gun they surely will die. Set in Post-World War II Italy, Ravenous examines what it means to be hungry and what we will do to become satisfied. 



 Developed with Support From:  The New Harmony Project  



An Assassination Roadtrip

9, 2F, 3M, 4 NonBinary 

40 Minutes 

They could be anywhere. I mean, they could be listening to us, right now. 

 There's been a spat of of remarkable deaths among the wealthy, white, and privileged. Who's behind them, and surely, they must all be accidents? Excipio tells the story of a ragtag band of female and trans assassins hellbent on annihilating American Exceptionalism by taking out bad men in power. Driving from the caves of Moab to the penthouses of New York City, Excipio is an immersive theatrical experience that questions privilege, how change is made, and to what it means to be truly exceptional.

Developed with: Pavel Zustiak & Kirk Lynn at The University of Texas at Austin



An Interactive Experience for High Schoolers

12, 9F 3M or 12E (Casting Flexible) 55 mins

You've just got to tell me. Did you hook up with William or not? 

It's been a few months since William's suicide and Susan is out for answers. Did Rosie kiss her brother or not? Will Rosie tell the truth about it? Will the school be able to pull off Their Launch Party or will 7 levels of chaos break lose? this is what i chose and no i'm not sorry about it and yes if you asked i'd do it again is a bifurcating play for high school actors about the choices we make and the big dreams we have. The storyline splits based on choices made by the actors, as they take the audience for a wild ride of what it means to be in high school, alive, and trying to figure it all out before Your Big Launch Party Sendoff. 

Developed with: Broadway Training Center of Westchester


Turn Left

An Audio-Interactive Adventure for One

3, 1F, 2 Any  + Audience Member, 35mins

Do you even know who you're dealing with? Don't answer that. You don't. If you did, you'd leave immediately. 

What is the line between our personal lives and our political ones? Turn Left is an audio interactive theatre for one piece that places the audience at the center of the action as they find themselves going on a first date with a highly controversial political figure. Written specifically for The Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas, the audience member's story changes based on the decisions made previously in the experience. Spanning national politics, grassroots activitsm, and a few dates in an art museum, Turn Left asks us about the choices we make and how we know whether we're turning towards our ideal self or leaving behind the things we hold most dear. 

Developed with:  The Blanton Museum of Art  •  The Broadway Training Center of Westchester


Time | All 

A Multi-Media Exploration

Time | All is a multi-media experience that combines dance, original music, projection and poetry to explore the vastness and granularity of time. How can seconds seem eternal and years move at the speed of light? Beginning with the Big Bang and ending with the flipping of a light goodnight, Time | All spans five different timescales and four different mediums to investigate our experience of time and our place within it. 

Developed with: PrismATX

IMG_6105 copy.jpg


A Post-Apocalyptic Trilogy


7F, 3M, 2 Hours

If this trip doesn't kill you, I might

105 is a post-apocalyptic trilogy that follows siblings Jackson and Sybil across the country, into new societies, and onto the battlefield. Spanning radio play (WalkingSounds), immersive theatre (HeartWeight), and dance (WarDance)105 offers an interactive theatrical experience exploring sacrifice and survival and ultimately asks who we become when faced with a broken world.

Workshop Production:  University of Texas at Austin as Part of the Cohen New Works Festival   |   Recipient Of:  A University of Texas at Austin Fine Arts Council Grant


The One You Feed

An Immersive War of Town vs Wolves

6W, 4M

Lupae, We are soon to war

Set in a town, the woods, and the space in between The One You Feed tells the story of a world on the brink of war. Townsen need more water to survive. Lupae are getting hungry. The work follows the story of Diane, a young women on the edge of the woods and at the moment of pledging her loyalty to either the Town or the wild women wolf tribe in the woods. 

The play is an immersive piece that splits at various moments of decision, allowing a distinct story arc to develop each night, depending on moments of decision based on a read of the audience. There is a war to be waged, and what happens is determined in the flash of a decision. 

Seen At: #serials at The Flea   |   Developed With:  plumage. (a writers' group) 



A Dance Between Mayors & Wolves

2F, 2M, 1 Hour 

It’s wolf season. When Red Wolf comes running, the tablecloth comes out from under Diane’s nicely organized existence. A new work that features half-men half-wolves, grandmothers getting eaten, and fable running into life, Red is a story about how love can make us into monsters and how it makes us human again too.  

Workshop Production: Production Workshop 

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Shorter Works

Faster Than Bullets | A Huntress of Bus Driver's Quest for Revenge

The Louboutin | A Shoe-Driven Heist

After You | 100 Dates in 10 Minutes

Done | A Post-Apocalyptic Lullaby 

I'd Rather Not Say | A 10-Minute Journey to A Place UnNamed

The Urnest Speaks | A Funeral Navigation 

Slippery, Slippery | A Talking Soap Romp 

The Thing I Forgot | A One-Minute Dance 

Seen At:  HERE Arts Center  •  Ensemble Studio Theatre  •  The Access Theatre  •  The Arts Center in Carborro, NC  •  Brown University  •  Rye Country Day School  |   Published In:  The Dionysian  •  Bare Fiction  •  1 Play 1 Day 

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